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Are you thinking about where to get good information and products for your aquarium? Come on in, shop online and see our featured products! Fish and aquatic plant lovers can vivify their living quarters with aquariums of all sorts. The most common types of aquariums are like those in the photo adjacent. These typically are made of glass and acrylic plastic.1 Fish bowls are also notable aquariums.

Some aquariums function using heating and cooling, filtration and lighting systems. Some fish will prefer warmer or cooler water, as makes sense depending on the habitats in which they evolved. Salinity levels in aquariums must also be calibrated to suit the fish types. Some like catfish, cichlids and rainbow fish thrive in freshwater.2 Others, like the spectacular angelfish, need to live in saline environments.3 Fish tanks must be cleaned regularly to ensure the health of the organisms within them.

The keeping of fish in an aquarium became a popular hobby and spread quickly. In the United Kingdom, it became popular after ornate aquaria in cast-iron frames were featured at the Great Exhibition of 1851. In 1853, the aquarium craze was launched in England by Philip Henry Gosse who created and stocked the first public aquarium in the London Zoo which came to be known as the Fish House. Gosse coined the word “aquarium”, opting for this term (instead of “aquatic vivarium” or “aqua-vivarium”) in 1854 in his book The Aquarium: An Unveiling of the Wonders of the Deep Sea. In this book, Gosse primarily discussed saltwater aquaria. In the 1850s, the aquarium became a fad in the United Kingdom.

Aquariums can help remind people of the importance of protecting natural water ecosystems. They teach animal lovers about the basic requirements needed to keep water-loving organisms alive. Aquariums can provide a fun pass-time for families and a great learning tool for elementary biology school teachers.

Aquariums have risen in popularity since the 1850s.4 Freshwater fish are in fact the 3rd most popular pets in the world. In the U.S. there are, for example, 13 million households with aquariums5!


Photo credit: Ales Tosovsky

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