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Body Shop • Online
Body Shop • Online

Are you stuck thinking about where to get body shop products and information? Come on in, shop online and check out our featured products! Auto body shops online specialize in automotive collision repairs. If you get into a nasty accident that dents your fender and totals your front end (somehow), the auto body shop is the organization that will fix your collision car.

Auto body shops use many tools, paint and supplies to repair, paint and help get your car back in shape. Available for purchase online and at your local auto body shop are great selections on brand name body shop supplies like abrasives, body fillers, bumper repair materials, safety wear, welding supplies, seam sealers and rustproofing, and polish. Auto body shops, to ensure quality repair service, must keep up to date on their supply of essential autobody tools that get daily use. The following are some of the most important categories of auto body shop tools:

Air sanders – Used to smooth automotive and wood finishes. Auto body shop sanders function on compressed air rather than by electricity.

Riveters (hydraulic or manual) – An auto body tool that easily fastens rivets. Before the advancements of welding techniques, rivets were the main structural support for buildings and structures.

Chisels – Auto body shops force chisels into the material to be cut using the driving force of a hydraulic ram.

Flange Tools – These tools form flanges, an external or internal rib for added strength on a wheel or a beam, and are often used for auto body repair work.

Air Nibblers – Nibblers are crucial metalworking tools for an auto body shop as they cut sheet metal with little distortion. Usually auto body shops use power nibblers that work on compressed air for added convenience.

Windshield Removal Tools are self-explanatory.

Spot cutters and plasma cutters – As with nibblers, spot and plasma cutters are used to cut steel and other metals using a torch. They cut more effectively than the standard handheld torches because plasma cutters produce an incredibly hot and localised flame to cut with.

Drills and drill bits – Depending on what material is being drilled into, there are numerous sizes of rotating drill bit to choose from.

Welders – Auto body shops are nothing without welders to join materials.

Floor Jacks – To get your damaged car off the ground for quality repairs.

Visit your local auto body shops if you are in need of car repairs.


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