Bridal Shower Gift Ideas • Shop Online

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas • Shop Online
Bridal Shower Gift Ideas • Shop Online

Do you have a girlfriend getting married and are stuck for good bridal shower gift ideas? Come on in, shop online and check out our featured products! Bridal shower gift ideas are similar to wedding gifts except targeted towards the bride. Some brides that have bridal showers generally ask for typical wedding gifts, such as appliances or kitchenware, and request an envelope gift for the wedding day. Other brides don’t offer any specific bridal shower gift ideas, which means it is up to the bridal shower attendees to choose the appropriate gift for the bride.

If you’re looking for perfect bridal shower gift ideas, there are many local gift shops out there that you can visit or you can browse online. You can search for specific items, such as baking sets, recipe books, wedding planner, tourbooks, or tote bags and create your own Bridal Shower Gift Basket.

Some bridal shower gift basket ideas include:

Wedding day survival “kit”: there is no better way to ease away the bride’s wedding day jitters than by giving her this fun “kit” which contains a wedding planner, hair accessories, a miniature wedding dress sewing kit, and a bottle of lavender bubble bath to soothe away those wedding day worries. A survival kit is the perfect way to let the bride know that you’ll be there for her to help her get through the big day.
Baking basket: if the bride loves to bake or wants to learn how, a baking basket is the perfect choice. Include a recipe book, an assortment of baking pans and cookie cutters. You can also throw in some pre-packaged muffin mixes for those times when baking from scratch is not an option!
Home spa basket: sensual bath and “spa” treatments are just what the bride needs to get ready for her big day. This gift basket is stuffed with scented bubble baths, soaps, foot scrub, and luxurious massage lotions, as well as a miniature back massager, foot scrubber, pedicure kit, and lavender scented bath pillow.
Honeymoon survival basket: find out where the happy couple are going for their honeymoon, then pack up some travel necessities. Some possible items to include are: tote bag, sunscreen, tourbooks, travelling snacks, and travel games.

Make your bridal shower gift special for the bride! Visit your local gift store or browse bridal shower gift shops online now!

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