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Are you stuck thinking about where to learn a new craft? Come on in, shop online and check out our featured products! There are many different kinds of paints used for art and craft. The most common of these being Acrylic Craft Paint. It is sold in a variety of different places, such as speciality shops, craft stores, and dollar stores (should you wish to purchase a a lesser priced brand). Other commonly used types include:

Enamel Paint
Fabric Paint
Face and Body Paint
Glass and Tile Paint
Glazes and Mediums
Sealers and Finishers
Spray Paint

The Arts and Crafts movement originated as a late 19th-century design reform and social movement principally in Europe, North America and Australia, and continues today. Its proponents are motivated by the ideals of movement founders such as William Morris and John Ruskin, who proposed that in pre-industrial societies, such as the European Middle Ages, people had achieved fulfillment through the creative process of handicrafts. This was held up in contrast to what was perceived to be the alienating effects of industrial labor.

The term handicrafts can also refer to the products themselves of such artisanal efforts, that require specialized knowledge, may be highly technical in their execution, require specialized equipment and/or facilities to produce, involve manual labor or a blue-collar work ethic, are accessible to the general public, and are constructed from materials with histories that exceed the boundaries of Western “fine art” tradition, such as ceramics, glass, textiles, metal and wood. These products are produced within a specific community of practice, and while they mostly differ from the products produced within the communities of art and design, the boundaries often overlap, resulting in hybrid objects. Additionally, as the interpretation and validation of art is frequently a matter of context, an audience may perceive handicrafted objects as art objects when these objects are viewed within an art context, such as in a museum or in a position of prominence in one’s home.

All these kinds of craft paint and supplies can be found online at great prices, along with any other equipment or tools you may need for your artistic needs.

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