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Are you stuck thinking about where to get deb clothing? Come on in, shop online and check out our featured products! If asked to remember their first debutante ball, most people would stare puzzled, frantically searching their mind for any understanding of the word ‘debutante’ at all. But in aristocratic families, the ‘debut’ or ‘coming out’ of a young girl as a perfect lady was originally an important upper class formal presentation where the lady was displayed to eligible bachelors. Nowadays, in Ireland and Australia, a debutante ball represents a coming of age event similar to North American proms. Girls and boys are encouraged to find dates, wear appropriate deb clothing suck as in formal gowns and suits, and have a good time dancing with friends. In the United States, debutante balls refer to charity occasions and are distinct from prom.

A cotillion or débutante ball in the United States is a formal presentation of young ladies, débutantes, to ‘polite society,’ typically hosted by a charity or society. The ladies introduced can vary from the ages of 16 to 21 (younger ages are more typical of Southern regions, while older are more common place in the North) in some areas 15- and 16-year-olds are called ‘junior débutantes.’

Colloquially, a retailer of deb clothing apparel is called a deb shop; however these shops are not limited only to deb occasions. A deb shop specializes in formal dresses, teen dresses and prom formal wear but also offer selections of summer dresses and fashionable casual wear for your teen, whether you shop online and locally. Shop online or visit your local deb shop for help finding the perfect deb clothing.

Whether you call them proms, debutante balls, or graduation, they are all formal ceremonies that represent a turning point from childhood to maturity. They all allow kids to play dress-up one last time, playing in the deb shop instead of mom’s closet.

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