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Are you stuck thinking about where to get great egg decorating ideas and products? Come on in, shop online and check our featured products! Egg decorating is the art or craft of decorating eggs. It is quite a popular art/craft form because of the attractive, smooth, oval shape of the egg. Any bird egg can be facilitated in this process, but most often the larger and stronger the eggshell is, the more favoured it will be by decorators.

Goose, duck and hens’ eggs are usually “blown” – a hole is made in either end and the contents are blown out. The egg is then either carved, dyed, painted, appliqued or otherwise decorated (using a number of different techniques). Egg decorating is particularly popular in Eastern European countries.

The Persian culture also has a tradition of egg decorating, which takes place during the spring equinox. This time marks the Persian New Year, and is referred to as Nowruz. Family members decorate eggs together and place them in a bowl. It is said that it is from this cultural tradition that the Christian practice originates. In Egypt, it is an egg decorating tradition to decorate boiled eggs during Sham el-Nessim, a spring-ushering national holiday celebrated by Egyptians regardless of religion, which falls every year after the Eastern Christian Easter.

Many modern egg artists decorate their “art eggs” by etching or carving, while others paint or cover their eggs with different materials, from paper and fabric to polymer clay. Using eggs as a canvas has become so popular that special terms have developed with the art form. An “eggery” is typically a place where you can purchase supplies for egg art and the process of using a natural egg shell to create an art piece if often called “egging”.

Egg artists also have their own guild, The International Egg Art Guild which promotes the craft of egg artistry.

Egg decorating may include natural dye, crepe paper dye, food coloring dye, wax, sponge, lace trimmings for lace egg designs and masking tape if you want to create patterns on your eggs.

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