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Fountain Pen • Shop Online

Are you stuck thinking about where to get a fountain pen? Come on in, shop online and check out our featured products! A fountain pen is excellent for artists who want to use the characteristics of dip pens without the associated hassle. They can save time while still producing beautiful lines.

A fountain pen is often filled with refillable ink cartridges. These can be filled with ink that is both non-waterproof and waterproof. The ones supporting waterproof ink can therefore be used by illustrators, calligraphists and designers interested in using watercolor paints.

A fountain pen can also be used as everyday writing instruments. They can be great for relieving strain for people with sensitivities who need to write a lot.

Common fountain pen brands include:
•Caran d’Ache

These fountain pens range approximately in price between $20 and $1000. A disposable fountain pen can also be found for as low as $2.50 per pen.2 Luxury pens prized as works of art have also be known to be over a $1 million3.

The earliest historical record of a reservoir pen dates to the 10th century. In 973, Ma’ād al-Mu’izz, the caliph of the Maghreb, demanded a pen that would not stain his hands or clothes, and was provided with a pen that held ink in a reservoir and delivered it to the nib, which could be held upside-down without leaking, as recorded in Kitab al-Majalis wa ‘l-musayarat, by Qadi al-Nu’man al-Tamimi (d. 974). No details of the construction or mechanism of operation of this pen are known, and no examples have survived. That some form of pen with an ink reservoir was available in Europe in the 17th century is shown by contemporary references.


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