Large Appliances • Shop Online

Large Appliances • Shop Online
Large Appliances • Shop Online

Are you stuck thinking about where to get large appliances? Come on in, shop online and check out our featured products! There are many different major household appliances available. Such products include:

Washing Machine
Clothes Dryer
Dish Washer
Air Conditioner
Water Heater
Trash Compactor

Typically anything large that is difficult to move around and uses electricity is considered in the large appliances category.

Large appliances differ from small appliances because they are bigger and not portable. They are often considered fixtures and part of real estate and as such they are often supplied to tenants as part of otherwise unfurnished rental properties. Major appliances may have special electrical connections, connections to gas supplies, or special plumbing and ventilation arrangements that may be permanently connected to the appliance. This limits where they can be placed in a home.

Many major appliances are made of enamel-coated sheet steel which, in the middle 20th century, was usually white. The term white goods or whiteware, in contrast to brown goods, is also used, primarily where British English is spoken, although definitions for the term “white goods” can differ. In the United States, the term white goods more commonly refers to linens rather than appliances. Since major appliances in a home consume a significant amount of energy, they have become the objectives of programs to improve their energy efficiency in many countries. Energy efficiency improvements may require changes in construction of the appliances, or improved control systems.

In the early days of electrification, many major consumer appliances were made by the same companies that made the generation and distribution equipment. While some of these brand names persist to the present day, today many major appliances are manufactured by companies or divisions of companies that specialize particular appliances.

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