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Are you stuck thinking about where to get punk clothing and music? Come on in, shop online and check out our featured products! The variouse factions of the Punk subculture have different clothing habbits, although there is often a crossover between the subgroups. All the items needed to maintain a punk lifestyle are easily found online, and are prefered to the high prices in most retail and clothing stores.Some of the most common punk fashion includes:

Standard Punk: Modern punks wear leather, denim, spikes, chains, and combat boots. They seem to like elements of early punk fashion such as kutten vests, bondage pants (often plaid), and ripped or stitched-together clothing.

Glam Punk:Glam punks are associated with the early 1970’s. They enjoy Glitter, androgynous make-up, brightly dyed hair, drainpipe jeans, and unusual costumes like leopard print or satin.

Hardcore:Some elements of hardcore clothing are baggy jeans or work pants, athletic wear, cargo or military shorts, khakis or cargo pants, band T-shirts, plain T shirts, muscle shirts, and band hoodies.

Anarcho-Punk: A prominent feature is the use of heavy anarchist symbols and slogans. They usualy wear tight pants, band shirts, boots, and imitation leather or cloth in a similar design to leather as part of Veganism.

Crust Punk: Typical crust punk fashion includes black or camouflage trousers or shorts covered in patches, torn band T-shirts or hoodies covered in patches, studded vests and jackets, bullet belts, jewellry made from hemp and other natural found objects, and sometimes bum flaps.

Gothic Rock, Deathrock, and Horror Punk: These are very common to to gothic fashion. Black is the predominant shade. It incorporates a sexier image, incorporatin fishnets, corsets, elaborate make-up, occult and horror imagary on shirts buttons patches, and jewlry.

Source: wikipedia.org
Photo credit: redhaze.com

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