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Relief Sculpture • Shop Online

Are you having trouble figuring out where to get a relief sculpture? Come on in, shop online and check out our featured products! Sculpture is three-dimensional artwork created by shaping or combining hard materials, such as bronze, stone (marble, limestone, porphyry, granite), metal, glass, or hardwood (oak, box/boxwood, lime/linden). Softer (“plastic”) materials can be used as well, like clay, textiles, plastics, polymers and softer metals. Sculptors also sometimes use found objects, or objects that are not designed for an artistic purpose but which exist for another purpose already.

A relief sculpture, or relievo rilievo, is a sculptural technique. The term relief is from the Latin verb relevo, to raise. To create a relief sculpture is to give the impression that the sculpted material has been raised above the background plane.[1] What is actually performed when a relief is cut in from a flat surface of stone (relief sculpture) or wood (relief carving) is a lowering of the field, leaving the unsculpted parts seemingly raised.

The term “sculpture” has been extended to works including sound, text and light.

Some common forms of sculpture are:
•Free-standing sculpture
•Sound sculpture
•Light sculpture
•Jewellery or Jewelry
•Relief – the sculpture is still attached to a background; types are bas-relief, alto-relievo, and sunken-relief
•Site-specific art
•Kinetic sculpture – involves aspects of physical motion ◦Fountain – the sculpture is designed with moving water

•Statue – representationalist sculpture depicting a specific entity, usually a person, event, animal or object ◦Bust – representation of a person from the chest up
◦Equestrian statue – typically showing a significant person on horseback

•Stacked art – a form of sculpture formed by assembling objects and ‘stacking’ them
•Architectural sculpture
•Environmental art ◦Environmental sculpture
◦Land art
Some techniques for sculpting include:
•stone carving
•bronze sculpture
•wood carving

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