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Are you stuck thinking about where to get unique and awesome sleepwear? Come on in, shop online and check out our featured products! Pajamas, also spelled pyjamas, are probably one of the most comfortable types of clothing a person can wear. There are many types varying from the jacket-and-trousers combination, one piece pajamas, short sleeve pajamas, and babydoll pajamas for women. Other types of sleepwear include nightgowns for women and boxers for men.

Sleepwear are often worn as comfort wear even when not in bed, and are also sometimes worn as a fashion statement. The material for most sleepwear may vary, from cotton to fleece to silk to satin.

There is something blasé about sleepwear or also called nightwear today. It is considered to be comfort wear, a pair of women’s boxers and that t-shirt you got free on holiday. Often, the nightwear sections of vintage are left sleeping on their hangers. After all, who cares what you wear when nobody is around? This was never the point of nightwear. Gowns and robes were designed to be intimate, luxurious and feminine attire and a symbol of rest, relaxation and seduction.

Reclining on a chez-long, fire blazing with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby somehow feels far sexier when wearing a floor length Fifties silk chemise than a manky old t-shirt, comfortable though it might be. At least this was the Victorian way of thinking. Before the Victorian period, sleepwear was non-existent and people generally slept in their daytime undergarments. When gowns were first introduced in the 19th century, only the prosperous could afford them and to have nightwear was considered a luxury.

Sleepwear can come in different designs, colors, patterns, and the choices are enormous. If you’re looking for the perfect sleepwear, you can’t go wrong with visiting your local clothing shop or browsing online. Find the perfect pajamas today and sleep well tonight!

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