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Thrift Shop

Thrift shops have many different names according to where they are, but all of them are appropriate: charity shop in the UK, thrift shop or thrift store in Canada and the US, resale shop in the US, or op shop (short for opportunity shop) in Australia and New Zealand. These shops offer second-hand goods donated by the public for sale. Since they are donated for free (unlike, say, a pawn shop or a consignment shop) and the goods are often somewhat worn (though still in good enough condition), these shops are able to charge only very low prices. In essence, thrift shops effect a second sale of previously sold goods (hence the US name "resale shop").

Some people will not know the difference between thrift stores and consignment stores. The main difference is that thrift stores do not necessarily offer a consignment to those who sell to them or donate by goodwill. Goodwill donations can be made to and from the shop whereas either case is a rarity in a consignment store.

Online thrift shops are such an excellent service, not only because they offer unique and often-good-quality products at low and very affordable prices, but also because they often give their proceeds to charity (hence the UK name "charity shop"). So, everybody wins: in line with the Aussie name "Op shop," online shoppers get a great opportunity for bargain-hunting and treasure-finding and the online thrift shop itself has a greater opportunity to give to the community and to charity because of its lack of affiliation with any profit motive or big-name company.

There are thrift shops almost everywhere for your shopping pleasure and excitement and if you don't know where one might happen to be, there are also many online listings of thrift shops according to certain regions.